Instantiates a NetworkActivityCollector.

Most of the actual processing of resources is performed by th @see NetworkResourceProcessor.

Extends ActivityCollector and thus exposes the same public API with added functionality.

new NetworkActivityCollector($0.start: Array<number>, $0.stackCapturer: StackCapturer?, $0.bufferLength: number?, $0.stringLength: number?, $0.captureArguments: boolean?, $0.captureSource: boolean?)
$0.start (Array<number>) the start time of the process, i.e. the result of process.hrtime()
$0.stackCapturer (StackCapturer? = StackCapturer) see ah-stack-capturer which configures how and when stacks traces are captured and processed.

By default a StackCapturer is used that captures stacks for all events for file system related types: FSREQWRAP, FSREQUESTWRAP and some others like TickObjects that also are related, i.e. if they contain information related to streams.

$0.bufferLength (number? = 0) determines how many elements of Buffers are captured. By default not Buffer data is captured.
$0.stringLength (number? = 0) determines how much of each string is captured. By default no string data is captured.
$0.captureArguments (boolean? = false) if true arguments of callbacks are captured when they are processed.
$0.captureSource (boolean? = false) if true the source code of callbacks is captured when they are processed.


The Network processor grabs information off the network socket itself, the server if present.

In the case of an http request the HTTPPARSR resource is present. It has a lot of useful properties attached to it, including incoming and outgoing http messages.

Below is a condensed outline of the HTTPARSER properties that are most relevant:

   socket: {
     _httpMessage {
         , statusMessage
         , statusCode
         , _headerSent
         , finished
    , _handle: { fd, reading, _parent }
    , server: { _connectionKey }
 , incoming {
   , headers: { host, connection }
   , upgrade
   , url
   , method
   , statusCode
   , statusMessage
new NetworkResourceProcessor()

Extends ResourceProcessor